10 things you should buy new ALWAYS to save money

At Clesteron Verdosars we like to save every euro that goes into our pocket. That’s why we usually recommend that you buy in the second-hand market. Almost everything you need is on these platforms at cheaper prices than if you bought it again. But today we talk about things you should buy new , ALWAYS.

There are certain products that we do not recommend you buy second-hand , but new ones. Are these.


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For obvious reasons, shoes, boots or sneakers are not the best thing you can buy second-hand . In addition to hygiene, a used footwear will be worn and will have the shape of the foot of its previous owner, so you will not be comfortable with it on.


Glasses, plates, pans, pots … The kitchen utensils you buy should also be new. In this case the reason is simply hygienic . You do not need to drink, eat or cook in utensils that you do not know who has previously used.



You will spend a large part of your life lying on a mattress, resting and recovering strength. These usually take the form of the person who uses them, so surely the one you buy used does not have a uniform surface. Also, do not forget that mattresses have a life cycle and if you buy it second-hand you risk being in the latter . The same happens with pillows, it is better to buy them new. This is one of those things that you should buy new yes or yes.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Vacuum robots are very fashionable and more and more are sold. The problem with buying a used one is that you do not know how the previous owner has used it . Think of it as a device designed to vacuum dust and dirt of all kinds. However clean it may be on the outside when they sell it to you, you will never know the good or bad use they have given it. This advice is extensible to any type of vacuum cleaner.


The tire is the only part of the vehicle that is in permanent contact with the ground. For your safety and that of the people who travel with you, it is very important that your state is the right one . A used tire cannot offer you guarantees. Your condition may look like a new one but it may be hardened. This is another one of those things that you should buy new ALWAYS.

Home appliances

If you buy a used appliance at a good price, two things can happen: that it works perfectly, in which case you have a bargain; or that they sold you cat for a hare, in which case you threw the money. You should only buy it used if you are sure that its operation is correct .

Some baby products.

At this point there is a great debate. Is it worth paying dearly for products that the baby will use for a few months or is it better to buy them second-hand? A stroller, a cradle or a high-chair used can be found in an unpolluted state, with little use, or to throw them away, depending on how their owners have taken care of them and how restless the baby has been. If you buy second-hand, be sure to check in person that the structure is in good condition or that the wheels spin correctly .


Unless you are an expert in jewelry, the likelihood of being scammed and sold to you by a hare is quite high. However reliable the establishment that sells it to you may seem, you may be placing pieces of 18 carats (75% pure gold), and even less, at the price of pure gold, and you will not notice the difference.

Speakers and sound bars

Speakers and sound bars

The speakers and sound bars break down over time. If its previous owner was a music lover and used them at high volume, the most normal thing is that when you buy them they are worn and do not sound with the highest possible quality. Rate if this is an important factor for you before closing the purchase.

These are for us all the things you should buy new. It’s your turn, is there any product you recommend not to buy used ? We would love to know your experience.