‘1000-lb Sisters’ Fans Call Tammy Slaton For Trying To Spoil Family Vacation

For Tammy Slaton, her weight often holds her back. Since coming back from rehab she has struggled to maintain her weight and has even managed to gain some weight. It hasn’t been an easy trip, as Amy and Chris have had gastric sleeve surgery and Tammy is the only one left behind.

However, despite the difficulty of the journey, the Slaton family still try to be there for each other and support each other. However, Tammy may have taken it a bit too far lately, causing a rift between her and her siblings.


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As the whole family went on vacation, all the excitement came to an abrupt end when the family reached the lodge they had booked. Tammy refused to go up the ramp to enter the lodge and no amount of coaxing would work. She insisted that she would sleep in the van if she had to, causing a huge brawl. The family eventually left her outside and came back inside, with no one willing to take her home, as they didn’t want to ruin their vacation. Eventually, Michael agreed to drive her to a hotel for the night, so the others could find a way to get Tammy home. Fans were equally tired of Tammy’s temper tantrums.

“The show hasn’t even started yet and she’s already ruining the family vacation… # 1000lbSisters,” one fan tweeted. “You take care of her all day, every day. You all have to set limits and keep them. # 1000lbSisters,” added another. “# 1000lbSisters … The whole thing is them. They feed this thing and allow it so much that she keeps doing it. As soon as they let this thing fend for itself, her whole attitude will change. So, now they’re ‘I’m gonna take advantage of a family friend. Smh! This whole family is sick. ” one fan tweeted. “I know they love and care about her, but I wish they’d already stop allowing her. LET HER. SLEEP. IN THE. VAN! # 1000lbSisters,” tweeted one fan. “People treat strangers better than Tammy treats her siblings who go out of their way for her. # 1000LbSisters,” added one fan. “# 1000lbSisters @Tammy_Slaton never appreciates anything someone does for her. Poor Michael has to drive her to a hotel. He never says no. This is her vacation too and he shouldn’t have to worry about it. of her. She’s not her sister. ” noted another.

“1000-lb Sisters” airs Monday at 9/9 c on TLC.

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