$ 25,000 grant to Galaxy Motel to reduce energy costs

The Galaxy Motel in Gosford RSL Club has received a grant of $ 25,000 from the federal government to help reduce its energy costs.

The government’s $ 10.2 million hotel energy retrofit program is designed to help establishments lower their energy costs so they can invest more in their business.

RSL Club CEO Russell Cooper said the program was a “fantastic opportunity” for hosting providers.

“When we saw that these grants were available, we were able to push forward a few projects that we had been thinking about to reduce energy use,” Cooper said.

“We will be tinting the windows in all rooms to reduce the heat load and replace a large part of the air conditioning units.

“Many of our older units are very inefficient and the main cost in any hotel is heating and air conditioning in the rooms.

“With the tinting of the windows and the new, more efficient air conditioning units, we will be able to see a significant reduction in our energy consumption.

“This is a fantastic idea from the government.

“Many other hosting providers are undoubtedly in the same position – especially after COVID.

The grants can be used to switch to more energy efficient air conditioning, refrigeration and equipment, improve the building with double glazing and insulation, perform energy audits or install energy monitoring equipment.

Robertson MP Lucy Wicks said the grants would help fund projects that will achieve real and lasting energy savings and lower operating costs.

“These grants will help local operators save on energy costs, put more money back in their pockets and support the creation of new jobs, especially for local electricians, carpenters, engineers and plumbers,” said Wicks.

The Hotel Energy Uplift program was announced in the 2020-2021 budget and is part of the government’s $ 1.9 billion investment in new energy technologies, which will create new jobs now and in the future, reduce costs. emissions and ensure that all Australians have access to reliable and affordable products. energy.

Serviced hotels, motels and apartments with up to 99 rooms were eligible for grants under the program.

Press release, June 11
Robertson Member, Lucy Wicks

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