500lb Mini Fiberglass Teardrop Makes RV Camping More Accessible

Teardrop trailers are among the smallest and simplest RVs, but for some campers they still aren’t small and simple enough. The German Kleox falls into this category and has solved the perceived problem by reducing the timeless teardrop to its simplest form, reducing it to a fraction of the weight and price of the competition. The Shelter trailer can be towed comfortably behind the smallest of mini cars and can accommodate two people inside a set of hard walls.

As with some other simple little trailers, the idea behind the Kleox Shelter was not so much to compete with existing trailers as to provide a more comfortable alternative to tent camping without all the luxury and expense that has become commonplace. in a teardrop trailer market that often charges US$15,000 to US$40,000 per unit. Kleox knew it could make something cheaper and more basic.

Kleox’s Shelter Travel leaves behind the luxury of caravans and follows the formula of a tent: a simple shelter that protects a pair of campers with walls and a roof. It’s definitely not a tiny house on wheels with a kitchen, entertainment center, or bathroom.

Like the average teardrop, the Shelter includes a rear hatch, but instead of accessing a kitchen, this hatch serves as the front door. For a more tent-like experience, campers can cover the entrance with a ventilated fabric door or expand the interior with an optional annex tent.

There is no kitchen inside the Kleox Shelter tailgate, just an entrance inside


Kleox enhanced the interior with fabric wall panels, creating a warmer, cozier feel. Beyond those panels and a pair of cargo nets, the interior is left bare, without any of the shelving, cabinetry, lighting, or any other gear you might find in the modern camper trailer. typical. You won’t find any of this equipment in a tent, so you won’t find it in the shelter. The Shelter Travele doesn’t even include its own mattress, letting campers bring their own to lay on the 82.6 x 49 inch (210 x 125 cm) floor. The interior is 43 in (110 cm) high.

The Shelter Travel seems to strike the exact balance between tent and caravan that Kleox had in mind from the start. The fiberglass shell provides better wind and rain protection than tent fabric, and the wheels allow campers to get out of cold, muddy ground and onto 21mm thick (0.8 in.) capable of supporting up to 1,100 lbs (500 kg).

Kleox streamlines the teardrop trailer to its most basic form
Kleox streamlines the teardrop trailer to its most basic form


By eliminating all the usual bells and whistles, Kleox is able to sell its Shelter Travel fiberglass teardrop for a base price of €4,990 (about US$5,650). It is also capable of maintaining an empty weight of 463 lbs (210 kg) and an overall length of 10.2 ft (3.1 m). It’s not quite “e-bike size”, but it opens up all sorts of flexibility in the tow vehicle, from the smallest ICE cars to EVs, three-wheelers and motorcycles.

If €5,000 still seems too expensive (you’d only spend a fraction of that on a real tent, after all), Kleox also offers the more stripped-down Shelter Basic. More of an enclosed trailer or camper shell, the €3,990 (US$4,500) Basic eliminates standard windows and felt panels, adding them to the options list, alongside the tent-style entrance.

This Video clip take a closer look at Shelter Travel’s exterior, interior and annex tent.

Source: Cleox via Caravanning

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