An old Kia Niro is better as a motorhome

The 2023 Kia Niro EV is good, but a Kia Niro Plus with camping accessories might be even better.

In April, the Korean automaker unveiled the Niro Plus as a vehicle specifically designed for taxi operators and ride-sharing services. Thanks to our friends from Engine1, we now know that the Niro Plus has an alter ego as a versatile vehicle suitable as a daily driver and weekend camper. And Kia offers a plethora of options for this, including a sleeping mat, table, folding chairs, camping bag and a set of curtains to secure passengers inside their temporary accommodation. YouTuber asian petrolhead offers a full review below, without some of the camping add-ons.

While the second-gen Niro 2023 was introduced earlier this year, the older Niro remains the Niro Plus overseas. The Plus is larger than Kia’s first-generation Niro EV by several measurements. It’s 80mm (3.1 inches) taller, which means more headroom when driving and more room overall. Even the seats are bigger – up front the seats are about two inches bigger and the rear seats are almost 2.5 inches bigger than before.

But the highlight of the Plus is the ability to turn it into a house on wheels by flattening the seats and adding a few amenities.

On the Hyundai Motor Group website, you will see a connection port to use battery power for devices and accessories. It’s also equipped with a slot for the camping table (which is stored in the basement), straps for items like phones and flashlights on the sides, and multiple storage spaces. On the same page, Kia’s single-seater Ray (which the company calls a pickup truck) is shown with festive lights, a movie screen and a tray full of food and drink. The person camping solo with all that gear is surely a fascinating character; maybe they meet other Ray owners and camp next to each other. It beats a cramped shared tent, that’s for sure.

While the Niro Plus is currently only available in Korea, I’d love to see it in the US. With rising gas prices, a small RV seems a lot smarter than a large motorhome anyway.

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