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CHASE BOTTORF/L’EXPRESS Construction on the site of the former Lock Haven Motel was again discussed at the Bald Eagle Township Supervisors meeting Monday night.

MILL HALL — Construction of the Lock Haven Motel will not affect flood insurance premiums for Bald Eagle Township residents.

Township residents who attended the March supervisors’ meeting were concerned after last month when the potential issue was raised regarding Troy Musser’s construction of the motel.

Since no plan was submitted by Musser or approved by anyone outside of the Clinton County Conservation District last month, residents were concerned that the motel was in a flood plain and that the rates would insurance does increase with FEMA.

At the supervisors’ meeting on Monday evening, the opposite was asserted.

“To my knowledge, the construction of the motel will not influence them (flood insurance)”, said President Tuff Rine. “From the meetings I’ve been to…it’s definitely not in the floodplain.”

Township attorney Frank Miceli said the floodplain line actually runs along the building, excluding it. He added that Musser must always follow the regulations. He submitted building plans, in order to follow regulations, to the code enforcement office across the township. They are seeing them again, according to Miceli.

After several months of construction both inside and out, everything that has been done has been done without the approval of any government agency. Rine said the only place that approved any of Musser’s plans was the Conservation District, which gave him a permit to disturb the ground. When this approval was made, however, the building plans were subsequently changed.

To assuage the concerns of township ratepayers, Miceli said that if the plans being presented are approved by all and everything is done correctly, he believes there will be no problems. He proceeded to provide an overview of what has happened with the controversial construction since last month’s supervisors meeting.

Near the end of the February meeting, supervisors had an executive meeting to discuss potential litigation issues involving the motel and Musser. According to Miceli, when the supervisors returned to the session, they authorized to proceed with a request for conjunction. The request was then filed with the Court of Common Pleas on around February 27, Miceli said. The court has scheduled the hearing for March 10.

Prior to the hearing, Musser hired a new attorney, James Michael Wiley of Williamsport. Wiley contacted Miceli saying Musser “wanted to do everything the right way.”

On March 3, another meeting was held with Rine in attendance with code inspection representatives, Township Engineer Tom Levine, Wiley and Engineer Tibben Zerby of Century Engineering and associates. As a result of the meeting, all parties came to a way to continue the process.

When the March 10 hearing took place, a stipulation was drafted and presented to presiding Judge Michael Salisbury, who agreed, Miceli said. The hearing continued until April 27 or 28 – Miceli was unsure of the exact date.

The stipulation which was presented to Judge Salisbury held that Musser agreed not to do any interior or exterior work on the property. Once the plans were approved and the inspections to be performed were finalized, Miceli assumed that the code inspections would lift the stop work order entered on December 30, 2021.

Of the four citations against Musser that were filed as early as early January, there were five more that were filed in late February, according to Miceli. All of these have been consolidated and deferred to another hearing to be held on May 2, he added.

In the interim of the hearings, Zerby and his associates at Century Engineering have drawn up updated plans.

Zerby attended the meeting and presented the plans. The plans include three different sets being worked on: a land addition and reconfiguration plan that involves Musser acquiring additional space from the car wash next to the motel and the church behind it; a landscaping plan that addresses issues such as parking, lighting, and some other exterior works dealing with storm water, etc. ; and the third set of plans deals with building code and requirements under the Township Flood Ordinance, as well as enforcement of the Township’s Uniform Building Code.

The township’s planning commission met on March 14 and discussed the submitted plans. Miceli said the commission members had no comments on adding or configuring the lot, recommending that those be approved by supervisors. The commission, however, recommended conditional approval of the land use plan. The Township Planning Commission as well as the Clinton County Planning Commission signed off on the plans as presented.

In the land use plan that Zerby presented to supervisors, the property will include: a proposed 30-car parking lot that will surround the motel with two additional spaces for disabled accessibility; a five-foot sidewalk that will wrap around the building; and the parking lot will be paved as requested by Levine.

Before more progress can move forward with the plans, Miceli and Zerby said all owners of the motel, church and car wash must sign off on the plans before a purchase can be finalized. done with batch addition/reconfiguration. .

Before the supervisors made a motion to approve the plans for signing, supervisor Kenneth McGhee, Jr. expressed misgivings about approving the signage with Musser’s alleged lies since construction began.

“If he pulls that (expletive) again, I hope he got better because that guy made a mess. We’re talking property here, from the car wash to the church. Three months ago he told me he bought it. There is another lie. This guy disappoints me talking, you can’t believe a word he says,” he exclaimed.

With the conditions in place, supervisors reluctantly approved and signed off on all three sets of plans as presented.

Miceli said their goal is that when the April supervisors meeting rolls around, the motel project should be up to date with everything that has been done and inspected.

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