Birmingham city sues Southern Comfort Motels

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WBRC) – The City of Birmingham’s latest drug-control effort leads it to sue the owners of the Southern Comfort Motel on West 3rd Avenue.

The lawsuit against Krisna, Inc. says police responded to several drug and crime-related calls on the property and made undercover drug purchases there, in addition to filing complaints from locals. City attorney Nicole King declined to comment specifically on the lawsuit, but explained how the city decides its time to go to court.

“Usually when it comes to that particular point where a prosecution is actually brought, it means that a significant amount of criminal activity has taken place on the premises, as well as we have received complaints from outside sources, we letting it be known that the criminal activity took place at a particular location, ”says King.

“We are looking at the amount of drug activity, the severity of the activity and the type of activity that has taken place in the premises over a repeated length of time. We’re looking at a particular series or, or pattern that may take place at these locations. “

King says the city is also in negotiations with the owner of another problematic property, which it would not name.

The Southern Comfort Motel is just a few blocks from the Town Motel, the owners of which the city sued in September. The city says it has also received calls regarding drug-related activity and made several drug seizures.


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