Caravan sales on the rise as Australians vacation near home

Melbourne, Australia, August 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Australians are buying caravans in record numbers, and local production has peaked for 30 years. Leading financial broker National Loans, which provides caravan finance as well as other asset finance including debt consolidation finance, says with overseas travel excluded, Australians are looking to new ways to to travel.

The caravan industry in Australia contributes more than $ 23 billion annually to the economy. The spillover effects of the sales boom are providing a much needed economic boost to many industries, including manufacturing, dealerships, maintenance and tourism.

According to National Loans, as caravans have grown in popularity in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has tapped into a new market for vacationing caravanners. For those interested in purchasing a caravan, National Loans says it’s worth doing your research.

As National Loans explains, before anyone starts shopping in a trailer, they need to determine what type of trip they plan to take and how long it will take, whether it’s on-road or off-road and for short jaunts. , trips across the country or live the nomadic life full time. . This will help the buyer to decide whether a caravan, motorhome or motorhome is the most suitable.

Additionally, National Loans says the caravan market offers everything from basic, no-frills motorhomes to high-end luxury campers, so buyers should consider the level of comfort they want. In addition, the number of people traveling will have an influence on the necessary size of the caravan. Buyers should keep in mind that the larger the trailer, the more it weighs and therefore more towing power will be required. Storage can also be a problem.

Importantly, National Loans stresses that buyers need to understand their budget and how they will finance the purchase of their trailer. Caravans don’t come cheap, so most people will have to look for a caravan loan. National Loans can help buyers compare loans and interest rates and find the best loan term and interest rate for their personal circumstances.

Domestic loans can also help buyers secure other asset finance, including a boat loan or various auto loans like lump sum car loan. To find the best loans at the most competitive rates, contact National Loans directly.

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