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CADILLAC – Cadillac City Council on Monday unanimously approved a zoning change request to allow a Cadillac West property to be used for short-term vacation rentals.

John Wallace, director of community development, said the property is located on Sunnyside Drive and is owned by Christopher and Jennifer Czekai from Ada, Michigan.

He said the request was to rezone the property from Zoning District R-3 to Zoning District TS-2.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on June 28 and voted unanimously to recommend approval of the rezoning to city council.

Wallace said most of the properties surrounding the site are already in the TS-2 zoning classification, which he added is the “strongest case” arguing for approval of the zoning change.

“It’s very consistent with the surrounding properties,” Wallace said.

He said the master plan designated the proposed rezoning site for medium density residential development and past planning as well as current planning has this area of ​​the city used for tourism purposes. He said all utilities needed to support uses in a TS-2 zoning classification are available on the site.

Cadillac city manager Marcus Peccia said at a previous council meeting that neighbors have been made aware of the zoning change request and no written negative feedback has been received.

Wallace said that a person who spoke at the town hall’s public hearing expressed concern about the potential that a short-term rental could take a home away from long-term housing opportunities. term.

No one spoke out against the zoning change on Monday.

Also during Monday’s meeting, council increased rates at Maple Hill Cemetery and added fees for Sunday and statutory services.

Board member Bryan Elenbaas, who sits on the Maple Hill Cemetery board of directors, said there had been no rate hikes for five years and “the cost of everything is increasing.”

He added that burials and burials on Sundays and holidays are rare in cemeteries and for which they should be fairly compensated.

The winter rate increase applies to the period between November 1 and April 15. Monday to Friday rates for residents have increased from $ 800 to $ 1,000; Monday to Friday rates for non-residents have increased from $ 1,000 to $ 1,200; infant rates have been reduced from $ 190 to $ 390; the rates for care for residents have been reduced from $ 300 to $ 500; and the cream rates for non-residents have increased from $ 350 to $ 550. Additional charges for Sunday and statutory holiday services are now $ 500.

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