Credit without Schufa for self-employed and freelancers

The self-employed, who can not obtain a loan without Schufa or with, have few alternatives. The most promising option is to rely on private individuals.

On the one hand, it is possible to ask trusted people from their own environment for a loan and to secure it with the appropriate contracts. This procedure is a good way to obtain a schufa-free loan anyway.

Loan application rejected – what now?

Loan application rejected - what now?

If a friend or relative, in principle, agrees to provide a loan to the self-employed, but is not financially capable, there is another option. The person concerned can take out a loan and pass it on to the self-employed on the same terms.

Of course, this personal loan for self-employed should be contractually secured. On the one hand, this results in a lower risk for the lender, on the other hand it helps to create clear conditions right from the start. A loan without private households can significantly burden the friendly relationship with complications.

Another way to get a cheap loan

Another way to get a cheap loan

Without Schufa are platforms that provide loans from private to private. As investors are increasingly making sure that the risk of defaulting payments is as low as possible, uses that pay off financially increase their chances of success.

Such platforms are also more suitable for corporate loans or vehicle loans than for private expenses that do not pay off. However, on these platforms there are also many investors who know how difficult it is to obtain a loan for the self-employed and how unjustified this can be in individual cases.

It makes sense to pass some time


If the situation allows it, it makes sense to pass some time. Many loans without Schufa require a minimum requirement of at least three years of successful self-employment.

If this is given and can be proven with the appropriate tax assessments from the last few years, the chances for a schufa-free loan for the self-employed increase substantially.

In addition, this offers the opportunity to put some money in the meantime by the side. In this way, the required loan amount decreases and the award becomes more likely.