Demolition of a motel, townhouse/multi-family unit development on South Broadway

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Current applications under consideration at the Planning Board meeting this week include SEQRA’s Coordinated Review for a 102-unit multi-family residential project at 131 Excelsior North Spring Run, and a proposed multi-family residential project consisting of 58 units on South Broadway.

The South Broadway property currently houses a 64-room motel built in 1954. “When the property was sold in the mid-2000s, it slowly fell into disrepair,” according to documents the plaintiff filed with the city.

Developer Stephen Ethier has proposed demolishing the existing motel and spa buildings at 120 South Broadway to allow for the construction of 58 multi-family units. The property measures approximately 2.7 acres. Ether bought the property about five years ago.

The plans were originally prepared in April 2021 and were updated in April 2022.

After reviewing the application for partial demolition, the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation submitted its comment that while the Foundation “has not determined that the complex is architecturally significant”, it recommends that the Rosemary Spring, the gazebo and all remaining marble slabs on the site be preserved and incorporated into the civic space of the proposed project.

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