Destroyed motorhomes damaged in fire at Spindler Marina and Campground in East Peoria

EAST PEORIA (Heart of Illinois ABC) – Several RVs are damaged or destroyed after mechanical work caused a fire at Spindler Marina and Campground in East Peoria.

East Peoria Fire Chief Bobby Zimmerman said someone was doing mechanical work when it happened.

Police described it as a backfire likely starting in an engine, pulling a fire.

The man tried to get a fire extinguisher but soon realized he needed help.

“There were mechanics working on it. We believe it started somewhere in an engine bay of one of the burned out trailers behind me,” he said. “5-6 suffered damage. The extent of this damage varies from total loss to some cosmetic stuff.

The vehicle that caught fire is described as a former motorhome – values ​​for these mobile homes range from a few thousand to $50,000 and beyond.

5-6 were damaged, some with cosmetic burns, some destroyed.

Firefighters and Navy personnel say this is not common with these types of vehicles.

Officials say the fire was not difficult to put out but took a few minutes.

Officers will check throughout the night to make sure it doesn’t come back on.

No one was hurt.

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