East Rock Inn will open in September

The East Rock Inn is scheduled to open in September. The Inn is located at the former location of the Mountain View Motel. Photo by Jeremy Davis.

Greater Barrington— The former Mountain View Motel, located at 304 State Rd., will reopen in September as The East Rock Inn.

According to the city’s land database, the building was constructed in 1957.

The location has had multiple owners over the years, with former owner Butternut Inn LLC selling the property to new co-owners Jeremy Davis and Corey Podolsky in May 2021 for $589,000.

Davis and Podolsky are both New York natives and work for tech companies.

Davis said it was the first time they had owned an inn.

“We both had young kids who went to school together and they spent a lot of vacations in the Berkshires,” Davis said. “We were always driving around looking for places to stay. In many ways we felt relegated to an Airbnb or a budget motel. We would still struggle to find the kind of mid-range accommodations we were looking for with top-notch amenities and affordable rates.

Davis said that after his and Podolsky’s children grew up and went to college, the two friends discussed opening a hostel in the Great Barrington area that would provide what they were looking for.

“We’re both in the tech industry and we’re in this world, but it was something we both wanted to do that would go beyond our usual professional careers,” Davis said. “We both wanted to be in the hospitality business, which led us to the idea of ​​a hostel. The Mountain View Motel was advertised on the market, but the owners later took it off the market. Despite this, an agent said we should just talk to the owners directly to see if they wanted to sell it.

Davis said the time had come for the owners to sell the inn to him and Podolsky.

“When we first looked at the property, we both felt it was beautiful,” Davis said. “You have 14.5 acres, three of which are flat. And then you have a good chunk of land that goes up into East Rock Mountain itself. We both think we could develop this into something very appealing to both the community and visitors who come to the area.

Davis said that over the past year, the two have renovated the building and “it was a lot of work and a bit of a challenge.”

“The interior was completely gutted,” he said. “We took everything down, right down to the studs. All that was left was the exterior walls and the roof. Everything else, from the plumbing to the basement and the walls, was replaced. We even increased the height of the ceilings , pushing them up to 10 ft. We even installed sliding glass doors so that visitors can access the rear grassy area at the top of the mountain. 1960 to something more boutique, chic, fresh and new.”

The building now has 18 units, and Davis and Podolsky have hired resident Kaitlin Cohen as the hostel’s general manager.

“We realize we’re not, but we think it’s important to have a property that connects with locals,” Podolsky said. “We want to have a property where residents would feel comfortable sending their families when they come to town. We knew we needed someone on the ground as the face of the property who understands the community. Kaitlin has considerable experience in the hospitality industry.

For more information about East Rock Inn, including an opening date, visit the inn’s website.

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