Explore the actual location of the Adam Project Pine Ridge Motel

It’s not uncommon for films to feature references relating to the films that inspired them and in the time travel genre there is a trilogy that stands out from the rest, Back to the future.

Netflix’s new sci-fi adventure, The Adam Project, is full of time travel antics as well as notable Easter eggs and references with one location, in particular, standing out to viewers.

That place is Pine Ridge Motel, but where is the real-world motel behind it and how does The Adam Project use the place to pay homage?

The Adam Project | official trailer

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The Adam Project | official trailer






Project Adam release date and synopsis

The Adam Project climbed onto Netflix on Friday, March 11, 2022.

Starring Ryan Reynolds and a host of Hollywood stars, the sci-fi adventure tells the story of time-traveling pilot Adam Reed who accidentally crash-landed in 2022.

On a mission to save the future, Adam ends up teaming up with his younger self and his late father in hopes of coming to terms with his troubled past and bringing new hope to humanity.


Pine Ridge Motel Location

The Pine Ridge Motel was actually filmed at the Sundance Pub and Inn.

Located near the town of Lander on the southern outskirts of Vancouver, the motel and bar is located at 6574 Ladner Trunk Road in Delta.

According to Hollywood North Buzz, filming took place at the Sundance Pub and Inn in February 2021.

Fans of The Adam Project can even stay at the filming location, with more information available on the Sundance Pub and Inn’s Facebook page.


A Back to the Future reference?

The Adam Project is filled with subtle nods to the films that inspired it, as well as references to the superhero movie careers of Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo.

However, a particularly notable easter egg comes in the form of the Pine Ridge Motel as the RadioTimes proposes the location as a reference for Back to the future.

Specifically, the location is meant to be a reference to the Twin Pines Mall, the place where Doc and Marty give the iconic DeLorean its first try.

Twin Pines Mall later becomes Lone Pine Mall in Back to the future after Marty knocks over one of the trees during his adventure in 1955, creating one of the most famous background jokes in movie history.


The Adam Project is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on March 11, 2022.

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