Good credit

Good Finance is a French bank established in 2000. The bank’s head office is located in Paris. This is a universal bank. The bank was established by merging the Good Finance and Good Lender de Paris banks. It is the largest bank in the eurozone if we consider stock-market capitalization. This company is part of CAC 40.

Largest retail bank


The Good Finance Group is very well developed. It is the largest retail bank in France. It has over 2,200 branches. The bank is involved in the oil sector and runs, among others, the oil for food program in Iraq. The bank’s capital group consists of eighteen members, among which we have Bank Good Finance which operates in Poland.

Good Finance Bank


Good Finance is a universal bank, whose head office in Poland is located in Warsaw. The bank was established as a result of a merger which concerned Bank Good Finance and Good Finance Bank. Currently, the bank ranks seventh in Poland considering the value of assets. The president of the board is currently Mr. Sean Cole . In 2012, Robobank owned almost one hundred percent of the share capital.

Two years later, both banks merged, as a result of which all Robobank’s assets were transferred to Bank . The bank’s offer included many loans and savings and investment products that were prepared for individual clients. Dala enterprise, the bank has prepared an offer in the field of financing operations both on the Polish and international market. The bank has its listing on the Out Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Largest credit card issuers


Currently, it is one of the largest credit card issuers we have in Poland. The bank specializes, among others, in financing agriculture and regional infrastructure, as well as finances the food economy. The bank’s clients can take advantage of professional investment advice. The bank is trying to support the local economy to help improve life.

The credit products offered by Bank Good Finance are available in many partner stores as well as in some car dealer networks. The offer has been prepared so that every customer can find something suitable for their needs.