Gordon Ramsay discusses holiday traditions and his ‘Christmas Vacation’ special (VIDEO)

Chef and Chef Gordon Ramsay hopes to make Santa’s Beautiful List with Gordon Ramsay Road Trip: Christmas Vacation, a special vacation that only he could concoct.

In the wake of its December 13 European vacations, this outing finds Ramsay in Finland with fellow chef Gino D’Acampo and famous French butler Fred Sirieix on a snack-packed hike to find Saint Nick himself. Here, Ramsay shares his take on spending the season with family, friends, and of course, food.

(Credit: Renard)

How to start planning the search for Santa’s house?

Gordon Ramsay: Good question. I tried asking Siri but she couldn’t find the correct answers so I had to call my friends Gino and Fred!

How long have you known them? And most importantly, are you traveling well together?

We have known each other for years in the UK catering industry. How are they going to travel with it? An absolute disaster! Can’t wait to leave them when we drop off the motorhome! [Laughs]

What are the stops you make on the way?

We’re gonna take a polar dive to get ready to kiss [Finland’s] Lappish culture. We also visit the most magical post office in the world, where children from all over send their letters to Santa Claus.

Gordon Ramsay's Road Trip: Christmas Vacation

(Credit: Renard)

Christmas villages and festivals, especially in Europe, tend to have great street food. Highlights?

I loved the coffee in Finland and the reindeer snacks, but there’s nothing quite like delicious hot chocolate on a nice crispy walk through the markets.

In order of best to worst, please rank eggnog, hot chocolate and hot cider.

Oh, this is difficult. I would say hot chocolate, hot cider, then eggnog.

How do you normally celebrate the holidays? And who cooks?

I am always at home with the family. We all dress Christmas Eve in pajamas and spend the next 24 hours together. We usually cook together, because as much as I like the kids to do all the cooking, I like everything to be perfect!

Watch an exclusive clip from Gordon Ramsay Road Trip: Christmas Vacation below!

Gordon Ramsay’s Road Trip: Christmas Vacation, Tuesday 14 December 9 / 8c, Fox

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