Homeless Mom Saves for Apartment Using ‘Five Star’ Motel Recipe Videos

A homeless mother of two says she has made significant strides in rehousing her family thanks to a series of recipe videos posted on social media.

As reported by YourTango, Céline Villegas has made a name for herself as Motel Meals on TikTok where she serves food that she promises to offer “five star” quality at affordable prices.

Her videos offer an array of impressive, easy-to-follow recipes prepared in the comfort of her motel kitchen.

Her first video, showing how to make classic spaghetti bolognese for just over $ 8, has been viewed over 100,000 times – and that’s just the beginning.

A video on how to make nachos with red rice has racked up over 300,000 views, as has his homemade chicken parmesan recipe. The Parmesan recipe can be viewed here:

Another clip, telling how to make authentic tacos, has been viewed over 400,000 times while its biggest hit came with another spaghetti recipe that has been viewed over 5.2 million times. The videos have proven popular with foodies and families looking for affordable recipe ideas.

“One thing people need to realize is that a mom is going to be okay no matter what her situation is,” one user wrote, posting as RawAttack15, under one of her videos. “It sounds amazing.”

The 2K20 player agrees: “While you might not have a home of your own, you make sure your kids have a meal and that counts. Thank you for being a good mom.”

For Villegas, TikTok posts have also provided a valuable source of income for the mother of two, including a link to a GoFundMe page as part of her profile.

On the fundraising page, Villegas explains how she and her two children are “currently homeless and staying temporarily in a motel in Los Angeles.”

She says she created the page because she is “unable to continue paying for this motel” and describes her efforts as a “last resort”.

“My children and I really need help and especially stability,” she writes. “Due to the price, I cannot continue to stay here. I cannot save money for bills or save to move into a rental / apartment.”

Villegas has set a goal of raising enough money to cover the costs of their motel, as well as the first and last month’s rent and various expenses associated with moving into a new rental property.

She says her recipes and fundraising are part of a concerted effort to help her family find “a place of ours to call home.”

Responding to a fan on TikTok, Villegas said that despite the upheaval, their “family dynamics are normal on a daily basis,” other than the fact that they don’t live in their own homes.

She told another that they had stayed in a homeless shelter before but had a “bad experience” and decided to move to a motel.

As of this writing, Villegas and his family have received $ 6,468 in donations, after setting an initial fundraising goal of $ 5,000.

She also confirmed in the comments to her hugely popular spaghetti recipe video that they are well on their way to having enough savings to move into an apartment.

“Thanks to my TikTok family,” she wrote, “I was able to not only pay for our motel, but also save over half of what is needed for our apartment!”

News week has contacted Villegas for comment.

Image showing a young girl cooking with her mother – a homeless mother of two has gone viral thanks to a series of viral recipe videos.
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