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Holidays provide an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, often recharging mind and body in the process. In fact, using the holidays can reduce stress and improve overall health.

Although there is a certain amount of work involved in planning a vacation, and for some it can be stressful to coordinate all the details, the benefits of a vacation tend to outweigh the hassle of planning. Anxiety can be avoided or at least reduced by finding optimal accommodations. For many, this includes a vacation home rental. Individuals can consider these tips when selecting a vacation rental.

Why a vacation rental?

There are many different accommodations available for week-long getaways or shorter excursions. Often vacationers prefer a little more space than a standard hotel room can provide. A vacation home rental can be the type of place that values ​​space and distance from others – which has become even more valuable during the global pandemic.

Another advantage of a vacation rental is the possibility of preparing all or part of the meals on the property. This can help corral expenses normally reserved for restaurant meals for three meals a day. Instead, vacationers can choose one or more special dining occasions at restaurants, then cook “at home” for the rest.

Do your research

Travelers accustomed to staying in chain hotels and other resorts probably know what they’re getting for accommodations. This is because these properties pride themselves on their consistency. Whether you stay at a Marriott or Hyatt in one location or another, you’ll find similar furnishings, space, and offerings.

When it comes to vacation rentals, things are a little less predictable. However, browsing through reviews on sites that advertise vacation rentals or relying on the experiences of people you know increases the likelihood that you will find unique and satisfying vacation rentals.

Prioritize needs and wants

Vacation rentals can be scaled down depending on the amenities and features you want. For example, you can search by number of bedrooms or search for pet-friendly rentals if you are bringing a pet. Maybe you need a property close to transport or nearby shops? Make a list of what you want, then choose the properties that tick most, if not all, of those boxes.

Check allowances

A beachfront property commands a high price, as do rentals adjacent to specific points of interest or in major cities. If you’re willing to stay longer, you can probably save a considerable amount of money. Ask about parking options, public transportation, or if beach towns allow golf cart rentals for easy access to amenities.

Check all rental policies

Read rental contracts before diving. Things to consider include cancellation policies and whether or not penalties will be charged. Some rentals pass cleaning fees on to tenants or require deposits that will only be returned if there is no damage to the property.

Ask for the exact address

Rental property listings display the best angles in photos to help hide flaws. Close-ups of the house may not show the neighborhood it is in. By having the exact address in advance, you can do a street view on Google, Apple or another online map and see what is around the property, including its actual proximity to amenities. “Near the beach” can be anything from a street to a few miles.

Consider Exemplary Hosts

Services like Airbnb and VRBO are two of the top vacation home rental companies. Airbnb has a category of Superhosts, which must have at least a 4.8 rating to qualify. Superhosts tend to offer superior hospitality and respond to messages quite easily. Likewise, VRBO has Premier hosts. They also consistently deliver great customer experiences. Choosing hosts with these ratings can help you feel more confident that you’ll get a desirable rental.

Vacation home rentals are often a good option when spending time outdoors. It’s easier than ever to find properties that will meet the needs of travelers.

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