how to organize a great family vacation

(WGHP) – Jan. 25 is the “national one-day vacation plan.”

After these past two years, can’t we all take a vacation?

So here are some tips to make your vacation as painless as possible, from budgeting to figuring out what type of vacation is right for your family.

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How to pay for your vacation

Your holiday expenses should be factored into your expenses. Depending on the holiday, it may be useful to set up a separate savings account and deposit a monthly contribution directly into it. Out of sight, out of mind!

Payment in installments may also be an option. A travel agent can help you set up payment plans for your family vacation. They can look at your budget and help you create something that makes sense to you. It will cost you a small deposit up front and then you pay the final balance closer to the trip. Along the way, you can contribute as much or as little as you want.

If your budget needs to be reconfigured, there are options for you. Consider planning your vacation as a substitute for holiday or birthday gifts. If you feel like you’re cheating the kids, don’t worry! Studies have shown that children value experiences more than material things. Make your vacation unforgettable and it will last a lifetime.

Couple happily pushing the trolley with their son at the airport. Kid enjoying sitting on luggage cart while parents pushing him at airport.

And don’t forget the travel bonuses!

Airline miles and travel rewards are great ways to supplement the cost of your vacation. Check with your credit card provider to see if you earn miles on your everyday purchases.

Expert advice… don’t spend too much just to earn more miles or points!

Of course, the most important budget factor is the type of trip you even want to take.

How to guarantee fun for the family

A great tip for making a holiday birthday something special for the kids is to involve them in the planning. If this trip replaces their birthday or Christmas, creating excitement by letting them help make decisions will make it all that much better.

Booking a vacation home or hotel can save you money, but you will be responsible for planning all activities. If you’re feeling a little do-it-yourself or your kids are young enough not to care, then a vacation rental might be just the thing for you.

Parents carrying son on shoulders on beach vacation. African family of mother and father carrying their son on their shoulders on vacation.

All-inclusive resorts can be great for kids. Tons of places offer kids’ programs, so your kid has fun and you have some alone time. Resorts can also be great for teenagers, who could meet people their own age in a safe environment.

Tour groups can be great for people who want help with planning and logistics. All you have to do is pay your fees and show up. It’s ideal for teenagers and you can choose tour groups of different sizes depending on your needs.

Of course, there is always the classic family road trip option.

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Driving will be cheaper than flying, but the expense (road snacks are a must!) can creep up on you, so don’t get too comfortable embarrassing your kids by blasting your old mixtapes . Road trips can create incredible memories, providing opportunities to stop at additional places along the way to the final destination.

No matter your budget, no matter the size of your family, a family vacation can be an important memory you’ll share for years to come.

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