In Pune, a special Aadhaar camp for transgender people

The Bindu Queer Rights Foundation (BQRF), in collaboration with the Pune District Collector’s Office, is planning to organize a special camp in Pune to help transgender people get their Aadhaar card. BQRF Director Bindumadhav Khire said there was a need for such a camp as many transgender people in the district did not have an Aadhaar card and this document was needed to obtain a transgender identity card.

The matter was raised in the district grievance board meeting held recently and it was decided that a special camp will be held soon to issue Aadhaar cards. “We have decided to reach out to the transgender community to reach as many people as possible who do not have Aadhaar. We are individually reaching out to people in rural areas of the district and asking them to amplify the message,” Khire said.

Messages are also being sent to leaders of transgender groups via WhatsApp. The camp is for people who reside in the Pune district, he added.

To obtain an Aadhaar, those who do not have the necessary documents would need a letter of introduction from an MP or senior officers. This will be taken care of in the camp, Khire said. Pune district, he said, has taken the lead in Maharashtra in issuing transgender ID cards and about 125 such cards have been issued so far.

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