In Rosario, a “black widow” cheated on him in a motel; he stole the money and the car

A man reported that a “black widow” drugged him in a motel and even stole his car. The incident occurred at dawn on Sunday in a temporary shelter located on Provincial Route 18, in Rosario de Santa Fe.

The person who was the victim is called Edgardo, who in the complaint reported that he went dancing on Saturday at the “Década” bowling alley, located on Cafferata and Urquiza, where he met two women. According to what he detailed to the Police, the man said he knew one of them after having seen her several times there.

drugs in drink

According to his version, the woman in question approached him at the end of the evening and offered to go and have a few beers at the hotel, which he accepted and took her to his car. Once there, apparently, the woman put “drugs” in his drink and once he fell asleep, she left with all of Edgardo’s things.

“I paid for a two-hour service, we started having something to drink and I fell asleep (they woke me up at five o’clock in the afternoon the other day (Sunday) after breaking the door “, explained Edgardo.

sketchy secret

The man said he felt “very bad”, for which the police transferred him to the provincial hospital, where studies showed “high blood pressure, tachycardia and other problems”. And he added that due to the sketchy secrecy they didn’t want to tell him but there were ‘narcotics’ in the urine test.

“He stole everything from me: a 2010 Ford Focus, my cell phone, my wallet with $30,000, a credit card and new sneakers,” he said. In the complaint, he stated that the woman’s name was Noelia and he told her that she lived in San Martín y Garay. According to her description, she is about 1.52 meters tall, brunette with curly hair and about 22 years old.

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