Ireland: The Big Lie: Housing 2022 | Opinion

Tired of being told a lie? I am – and therefore this column.

Lies, big and small and often malicious, are not the “big lie” about Biden’s election. I’m done with that one and his loved ones: the mysterious cases of ballot papers, the Italian spaceships, the software hacks run by George Soros.

Recently, I have observed a series of letters and comments attacking the principle of community housing. It’s the unfounded idea that the “old people” are clogging the system, that homeownership is a good idea for everyone except those who can’t shell out $ 1.5 million for a small studio, that perhaps the residents of those who currently have housing should not vote.

This is not to say that APCHA is a perfect agency – neither exists in government or in the private sector. And there are regulatory issues that need to be addressed and capital improvements need to be made.

Yes, people cheat. That’s why the IRS checks tax returns, why police stop drunk drivers, and we all have too many passwords for all of our apps.

But the recent attacks of the Red Ant and its cohorts sound familiar, not only because they are outdated and undocumented, but because they carry more than a whiff of exclusion and condescension that seeks to exclude. local workers the benefits of the property they enjoy. by corporate citizens, foreign investors and a handful of people lucky enough to buy homes here before the markets explode.

Let’s start by debunking the Reds’ claim that 50 and over are approaching retirement age and will soon create dead space in the housing system.

It sounds plausible, like Rudy Giuliani before he opened his mouth. Here is the reality.

The “old men” who are supposed, in the Reds’ diatribe, to quit work at 62 and retire there, well, are not.

Hometrek data kept by APCHA shows that 168 people aged 62 to 65 live in owned housing. Of these 168, three do not work. Three. As in 2%. And 85% of those who the Redsters say will retire early haven’t done so and are still working full-time.

And among the 65-73 year olds, 60% work, 40% of which are full time. Probably a higher percentage of older housing residents work here than open market residents, but this cannot be known for sure as most of the open market units are owned by companies, vacation rental owners, Mark Hunt or a variation of Jay Gatsby. , for example Liza Jet LLC.

The “solution” for the old “lazy” who retire after 30 or 50 years of work is, as always, to end the ownership for those who cannot get a mortgage on a 1.5 million studio. of dollars and have not thought of inheriting a trust fund. Says the Red One: let’s convert everything to rental units, no dogs, no families, no long term stability. “… [W]We are currently subsidizing the middle class in Aspen… people who are not and will not work in the service sector economy.

Workers don’t need to aspire to reside here – to have families, to belong to the middle class – just work this lavish lifestyle for $ 15 an hour, double shifts, up to what you can’t, then move on. This is the Amazon Burnout Center, the theme park strategy: you are not meant to be part of the community, only a resource to be used until exhaustion.

Mick Ireland has decided to learn Python but does not claim any programming skills, as the ant seems to believe. [email protected]

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