Norfolk resident on $1,250 vacation rental scam

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Police are reminding people to be extra careful when dealing with online transactions after a Norfolk resident lost $1,250 in a property rental scam.

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A Simcoe resident contacted Norfolk OPP earlier this month after being defrauded in his search for a vacation rental property in the Kawarthas.

The person found a property for rent on the Kijiji site and eventually made a deal with the person advertising the property.

The victim sent around $1,250 to secure the rental, but became suspicious when all communication ceased.

“Police remind all residents to always be vigilant when responding to advertisements on various websites,” Acting OPP Western Region Sgt. Ed Sanchuk said in a news release.

Kijiji offers the following suggestions for staying safe when looking for a vacation rental property:

  • Research the reasonable price range for a similar property in the same area.
  • Ask the person who placed the ad to provide you with documentation proving ownership.
  • Look for the property address on “Street View” to compare with what is displayed.
  • Ask for additional images or ask the owner to contact you by videoconference; you will be able to view the property and verify ownership.
  • Instead of cash transfers, it is recommended to use credit cards as they will help you recover payments in case of loss.

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