Ontario’s New Beach Motel has a dreamy rooftop bar and rooms with blue water views (PHOTOS)

This beautiful new vacation spot in Ontario will make you feel like you’re on vacation in the tropics. The Beach Motel is a boutique hotel located in the quaint town of Southampton, about a three-hour drive from Toronto. The venue just opened on March 3 and offers a year-round escape to serenity.

The motel was started by local couple Samantha and Dane Buttenaar, who always wanted to create the ultimate holiday destination that they felt was missing from the Southampton experience. After discovering an old motel for sale on a walk, the couple decided to make their dreams come true and The Beach Motel was born.

Exterior rendering of the Beach Motel. The beach motel

Boasting 17 suites, a spa, lounge and rooftop bar, the venue combines luxury service with a laid-back, laid-back tone. With stunning dune-filled beaches just steps away, this is the perfect place to spend your summer days. Many elements of the design were inspired by the couple’s travels, and you’ll find soft tones and minimalist decor, as well as artwork that brings in some of the local culture.

Inside the Beach Motel. Niamh Barry | Courtesy of Beach Motel

You can choose from a variety of rooms, including Double Queens, Single Queens, and Single Kings, some of which offer views of Lake Huron. Suites come with Nespresso machines, craft cocktail kits, personalized bathrobes, and more. If you feel like spending the night at home, you can order food straight to your door via the tablet.

One of the suites at the Beach Motel. One of the suites at the Beach Motel. Niamh Barry | Courtesy of Beach Motel

The two-room Spahhh mainly focuses on massage services, and you can enjoy stone massage, bamboo treatment, and Swedish massage.

The Spahhh which offers massage services. The Spahhh which offers massage services. Niamh Barry | Courtesy of Beach Motel

The SandBar is considered “one of the most exciting pieces of equipment”. The rooftop patio overlooks the charming city and features a fireplace, two fire bowls, and chic furniture with Cali vibes. The menu, created by chef Cary McLellan, includes local dishes that can be enjoyed on the rooftop or in the lobby. Although the service is only offered to customers during the busiest seasons, a weekly dinner will soon be launched and the public will also be able to enjoy it.

Returned from the SandBar to the Beach Motel.Returned from the SandBar to the Beach Motel.The beach motel

The courtyard is another unique attribute, and during the summer months you can watch a movie from your balcony and even have popcorn delivered right to your door.

Inside the Beach Motel. Niamh Barry | Courtesy of Beach Motel

If you’re dreaming of a beach getaway, this new boutique hotel is worth a visit, and the best part is that you don’t need a plane ticket to get there.

The beach motel



Address: 21 Huron Street South, Southampton, ON

Why you need to go: Experience beach town life at this dreamy new boutique hotel with a rooftop terrace and spa.

Prices and occupancy conditions are confirmed at the time of publication, but may change at any time.

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