Oregon State Parks to Charge 25% More Out-of-State Visitors for RV Campgrounds

(Update: Video added, Oregon State Parks spokesperson commentary, Tumalo Park visitor)

TUMALO, Ore. (KTVZ) – Out-of-state visitors who rent an RV campsite in an Oregon state park will soon have to pay 25% more than a resident of Oregon renting the same campsite.

Residents of Oregon currently pay license fees to register recreational vehicles with the DMV. These fees help maintain Oregon State Parks.

Chris Havel, spokesperson for Oregon State Parks, said on Friday that adding the surcharge to out-of-state visitors who come with RVs and stay at campgrounds is supposed to help them also contribute to the maintenance of state parks.

Attendance at national parks has continued to increase in recent years.

“Over the past five years, from 2014 to 2019, we’ve broken records every year,” Havel said.

He said the surcharge will help maintain the characteristics that attract people to state park campsites.

“We provide electrical, water and sewer hookups at a site because we know that’s what people expect from an experience in an Oregon state park,” he said. declared Havel.

Debbie Byes, a Colorado resident camping at Tumalo State Park on Friday afternoon, said she travels to Oregon often. She said she always has a pleasant experience visiting and understands why the supplement is needed.

“I fully support him. We can come here and enjoy the beauty of Oregon, and if it costs a little more and helps in any way the outdoor community, we are more than happy to pay for that, ”Byes said.

The Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation has formed a committee to discuss and finalize the RV camping changes, under the terms of Oregon Senate Bill 794, passed by lawmakers earlier this year.

Guidelines for the changes are expected to be announced next month and take effect in early 2022.

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