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Long-time residents of a Penticton motel and campground who were due to be evicted as of August 1 have been granted a stay after the BC Residential Tenancy Branch learned of the situation.

Occupants of the 17-unit Ogopogo Motel and adjoining 28-stall Riverside RV Park were given just six weeks’ notice to vacate the 2.3-acre property, which stretches between Riverside Drive and Wylie Street, has been targeted for redevelopment by a new owner.

The notices were issued by the new owner, Azura Management, under the BC Hotel Keepers Act, which says nothing about evictions except to allow the immediate eviction of guests causing unrest.

However, the Residential Tenancy Branch believes that guests at the Ogopogo Motel are covered by the Residential Tenancy Act, which requires four months’ notice for renovations, while the campground is covered by the Manufactured Home Park. Tenancy Action, which requires 12 months notice. and $ 20,000 in compensation for each unit.

The case is being handled by the Residential Tenancies Branch Compliance and Enforcement Unit, which said in a statement that it was “fully engaged and working to ensure that landlord rights are protected. and tenants “.

The statement also said the owner “has expressed a willingness” to work with the branch to ensure evictions are carried out properly.

Azura Management chairman Ewen Stewart said he disagreed with the Residential Tenancy Branch on applicable legislation, but was participating in the process nonetheless.

Stewart said most of the residents have already left and hopes those who stay will be away by the end of September, once the tourist season is over and more local accommodation becomes available.

“Most people cooperate, have common sense and move on,” he said.

One of the tenants told the Herald that the people at the motel had been told they were now due to leave in late November, but if they left by the end of September, they could stay rent-free until then.

“Do I take the two months free, which gives me money to move, or do I have to pay rent until November?” And what am I going to do then? There is nothing to rent, ”said the tenant, who requested anonymity.

The delayed evictions did not prevent Azura from moving forward with the preliminary work required for the redevelopment of the site, which was proactively rezoned by the city in 2011 to allow high-density housing in towers up to 15 floors.

A drill crew was on site Thursday to take soil samples, while a tree removal company carried out its work nearby amid garbage cans scattered around the property.

Stewart is eager to crack as he intends to preload the site with piles of sand to help drive away water and stabilize the soil – a process that could take 12 to 18 months – to prepare for construction.

The redevelopment plans remain a work in progress and will be dictated in part by what soil tests reveal, according to Stewart, whose company is also behind the development of high-end Riverside townhomes adjacent to the motel and from the campsite.

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