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Top Photo: Archive photo regarding improvements in Mac Gray Park 2.0. (Courtesy of the Town of Prattville)

In his report to Prattville City Council on Tuesday evening, Mayor Bill Gillespie updated members on the status of the Blue Iguana/Bama Lanes business license.

“There seems to be progress being made with these entities. It has been very difficult and we are ready to serve and support our local small businesses. But we must be prepared to prioritize the safety of our community. We haven’t finalized all the requirements, but staff feel this is going in the right direction. I hope we bring you more better news at future meetings,” said Mayor Gillespie.

There have been months of discussions between the city, the Prattville Police and Fire Department, and the owner of Bama Lanes and Blue Iguana about increasing security at the businesses and addressing multiple issues in the parking lot. In the most serious case, a man was shot and killed in the parking lot last year. The city had threatened not to renew the establishments’ business license, but for now Gillespie said those talks were producing positive change.

Continuing his report, Gillespie said Project Katz is progressing and is expected to be complete by the middle of next month. As for official statements regarding the Kats project, Mayor Gillespie said details will be released after a contract is signed. The project is part of economic development. What is known is that the project involves a former bank building on Main Street in historic downtown and would include a city outlay of $1.3 million.

In addition, the contract to purchase the Pratt Mill property is also progressing. “It appears the terms have been agreed and the deal is being prepared for signing.” This property is located near the Picker House on Court Street in an area commonly used by the city for festivals and functions.

A ribbon cutting will take place for Mac Gray Park 2.0 February 11. This facility will also partner with the high school to host a showcase tournament with over 48 games in February. On March 5, the girls’ softball league will debut its season opener at this brand new facility.

“It took a while to come,” Gillespie said. “I think we all remember when the old Gurney factory was up there. A little brief history of it as I know it and remember it, after Gurney Manufacturing left the town of Autauga County acquired it. Through a partnership with the City of Prattville and Autauga County with the ambulance contract at the time, the city accepted this structure as part of this ambulance contract. It took us years, decades to tear it down. I know former District 6 rep Mac Macready was high on his list. He was still there to see him go down. He is no longer with us, but I am sure he would be happy. I think with the coming season…hopefully it will be ready for baseball. I think we’ll see a lot of good games there, as well as Whetstone and other places.

In regular business meetingthe Board approved Resolution 1 to amend the fiscal year 2022 budget and release funds for the purchase of four Power X1 stretchers through the Nuclear Power Plant Cooperative Purchase Agreement, from Ferno for the fire department at a net cost not exceeding $67,903.52.

Council approved the scheduling of a public hearing for March 15 at 6 p.m. in council chambers to pass a new zoning ordinance. The Prattville 2040 project was adopted last year. The Prattville Planning Commission has since held a series of meetings and working sessions to discuss and formulate a new zoning ordinance to better implement the overall plan.

The Council also discussed a draft resolution and an order regarding a public hearing to rezone a property within the city limits in the downtown area in the Downtown Overlay District. The point was retained until the municipal council of March 15.

Council also discussed an order establishing a temporary moratorium on the issuance of commercial short-term rental licenses.

Councilor Strichik read the draft ordinance which states, “The Town of Prattville is a historic community that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Tourism is an important part of the local economy, including short-term hotel rentals and increasingly in residential areas. In recent years, the propensity and frequency of rentals of less than 30 days or short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods has increased largely due to web marketing tools such as Air BnB, Vacation Rentals by Owner, etc. The increase in transient occupancy has had a negative impact on residential neighborhoods generating excess noise, traffic and litter. The Prattville Police Department has reported that calls to short-term rentals and residential neighborhoods have increased, and similar adverse effects have been documented in numerous studies in cities around Alabama and the United States. The City of Prattville is studying the matter to make recommendations to Council on the best approach for the city, including conducting business meetings, further studies, and proposing a regulation ordinance. short-term rentals. The item was held up until the March 15 Council meeting.

The Council adopted a resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with PaleoWest to update the Historic Design Review Guidelines at a total cost not to exceed $20,000. The net cost to the city must not exceed $8,000. The city received a 60/40 grant to help with funding.

The Council held a public hearing to vacate part of Yarbrough’s unimproved right-of-way. Owners of the property at 541 Old Farm Lane, north of Prattville, Alabama, have filed a petition asking the city of Prattville to vacate part of the right-of-way unimproved. The hearing will take place on March 15 at 6 p.m. in the council chambers.

The Board approved a resolution to amend the City’s budget and award a bid to David Bulger, Inc. for the repair of the Pine Creek Sewer Interceptor located on South Memorial Drive at a net cost not to exceed $405,196.45.

This is to move forward with permanent repairs to the area. 18and January, council approved a $50,000 expenditure for emergency work for a bypass to stop a potential sewer leak. The equipment was rented from United Rentals.

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