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Second in a three-part series on the concerns

LANDRUM—In late 2021, the idea was proposed to the Landrum City Council to open an RV park in Landrum at 531 North Howard Ave. (Highway 176). According to Landrum Mayor Bob Briggs, three weeks ago the council held a neighborhood meeting with area residents to determine their feelings on the proposed idea. The board plans to discuss the proposal further at its next meeting this month.

The Tryon Daily Bulletin will feature a three-part series of articles about the proposed RV park and report the council’s voice on it, while covering controversy among residents who may be affected by the park.

Michael Stathakis, owner of the Drake House restaurant on Howard Ave., has high expectations for the proposed RV park less than a block from his business.

“I am for controlled growth,” he says. “I saw the plans. I think it would be a good addition to this corner. This is not a trailer park. These are people on vacation, short term, so while they are here they will spend money in the area, eat, get gas and run errands.

He says that as long as the growth of the Landrum area is controlled, the motorhome park should have a positive impact.

Stathakis also says he has no concerns about traffic along the highway. 176.

“Once they’re here, I think they’ll be standing still.”

Landrum Police Chief Kris Ahler expects to see around 25 more vehicles driving in and out of the area, Chief Ahler said, “Thousands of other vehicles navigate the carriageway daily with minimal trouble. traffic.”

However, he is concerned about bicycle and foot traffic to and from the RV park. He says sidewalks and bike lanes are potential projects along Route 176 to minimize the risk of collisions involving pedestrian traffic.

Tom Quantrille, owner of the future Stubborn Mule Restaurant and Brewery at 501 North Howard Ave., thinks foot traffic will be good for business, especially since his restaurant will be relatively new by then.

“My opinion is not strong, anyway, but I think it could help the city,” Quantrille says.

Safety, he says, is not his concern as long as the RV park has adequate lighting and is well organized. However, he thinks the property could be put to better use.

“I think there could be more use of the property,” he says. “If anyone wanted to do something with it, I think a little house community would be good.”

The general view of neighboring restaurateurs of the proposed RV park is positive as long as community growth is controlled and the park provides good lighting. Additionally, the two restaurateurs believe it will be good for the city and their businesses, but the main safety concern is foot traffic.

Due to some concerns with foot traffic and cyclists, the city may consider adding sidewalks and a bike lane along Howard Avenue.

In future issues of the Tryon Daily Bulletin, more information and updates on the RV park on offer will be provided.

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