Rishi Sunak abandons plans for Christmas vacation in California to fight omicron crisis

Rishi Sunak was planning to spend Christmas in California with his family until omicron cases start to rise in the UK, the Telegraph can reveal.

The chancellor was hoping to take a week off at the Santa Monica vacation home owned by his wife, Akshata Murthy, after several days of meetings with tech companies and investors in San Francisco last week.

But Mr Sunak dropped the vacation plan as the government introduced new measures to tackle the spread of omicron, including legal requirements for wearing masks and requiring people to present passports. vaccine. or negative Covid-19 tests to enter certain places.

By the time the Chancellor boarded a flight to San Francisco on Tuesday, he had already booked a new return flight to bring him back to London on Friday. He again cut the trip short to return the same day Thursday, after British companies sounded the alarm over the spillover effect of a press conference held by Boris Johnson which urged people to reduce contact social.

Mr Sunak is now reportedly planning to spend Christmas in London, where he lives in the Chancellor’s official residence above 10 Downing Street with his wife, the daughter of a billionaire Indian entrepreneur, and their two daughters.

He and Ms. Murthy, both 41, met in California where they lived for several years. Their Santa Monica home is part of a portfolio of shared properties spanning Britain and the United States.

Last week Downing Street asked why the Chancellor’s trip was not on the government’s official list of commitments for the week.

At the time, the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said: “I don’t know, I would have to refer to [the] Treasure about this for when it was finalized but I think I get it [it’s] a long-planned trip.

A Treasury spokesperson added: “The Chancellor is in the United States on a long-scheduled trip to do business with the government. He is in constant contact with the home staff and will contact the British hotel companies… to find out their concerns. “

A source insisted there was “no way” Mr. Sunak would stay in the United States after the government decided to introduce a Plan B of Covid restrictions 11 days ago.

The publication Rishi Sunak is abandoning his plans for a Christmas vacation in California to fight the Omicron crisis first appeared on The Telegraph.

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