Rocky Top Motel Temporarily Closes for Multiple Code Violations

Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT) – The Blue Haven Motel was temporarily closed because it was “unsuitable for human habitation” by senior Rocky town officials. The 24-room motel failed to pay its water bill, forcing the city to inspect the property. Upon inspection they turned on the water and found that some rooms did not have running water.

Rocky Top City Manager Michael Foster said, “When we went back to get their water reopened, they failed their inspection.”

City officials also discovered that some rooms lacked proper fire alarms, structural damage, and unsanitary living conditions.

Foster said: “Feces. Dog feces in one of the floor rooms. There were vermin that we saw in some rooms.

Although several things needed to be fixed, the city said a lot needed to happen before it even considered reopening.

“Obviously cleaning up, making sure the plumbing is up to code. Water heater replacement in rooms with no hot water,” Foster said.

City officials said not all rooms were rented when it closed, but they offered resources to those living there for other temporary living options.

Foster said, “They have to take care of their side of things and not let it deteriorate.”

Blue Haven workers said they hope to be open again by the end of next week. City officials said there is no timeline for reopening because they have yet to determine what the state fire marshal needs from the facility before reinspection.

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