Squatters evicted from abandoned Seattle motel on Aurora Avenue North

In September, squatters at the Hillside Motel on Aurora Avenue North were told they had to leave. On Monday, sheriff’s deputies entered and left the property.

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The motel, which has been a place for “drug dealers and a lot of bad things,” as KIRO Radio host Shari Elliker explained, has been abandoned property.

“It was seized because the owners or the people who took the loan kind of gave it all up after a fire in 2020,” she said. “So after that everything kind of broke down. “

“I was just thinking about – that’s the only thing that occurred to me because, of course, I’m a narcissist and I always think of myself.” But I was thinking of myself in this circumstance, ”said replacement host Jack Stine, host of KIRO Nights.

“What was I thinking when I read this – because they walked in there at, what, 6 in the morning?” Now is not a good time for drug addicts, ”said Jack. “… But I was imagining, if I was in this circumstance and crouched in this place for, I don’t know, weeks maybe, and then I’m mad with rage, and suddenly detectives come in, it must be a really tough time.

Jack and Shari have agreed that “The Hillside Motel” is a big name for a movie motel.

So when the squatters were driven out, what did the MPs find at the motel?

“They found a jar of broken grape jelly, a make-up bag, a hot plate, a hunting knife, aluminum foil, a machete, a leaf blower, a footbath and a wheelchair,” said Shari. “These are just a few of the things they named that they found.”

“I have to understand what the deal is with homeless drug addicts who have an affinity for hospital equipment,” said Jack, noting that he had seen people with wheelchairs and even stretchers.

Regarding the motel, Jack says he’s glad the sheriff’s department took the initiative to break this thing down.

“I don’t want to take this thing, which should be a good story, and paint it in a negative light, but it builds up over time. It’s like an infestation, it doesn’t happen overnight, you have to allow people to do it for weeks or even months, ”said Jack, asking,“ Do we currently live in a society that allows that kind of behavior, and even encourages that kind of behavior? “

Shari says it depends on where you live. She understands from this case that she has been in court for some time.

“It’s part of the problem of getting people out,” she said, referring to the bureaucratic part. “Then you have the problem of moving people. What if they go there and there are children, or if there are people where there is no room to put them? I think they kick the road as much as they can.

Listen to Jack and Shari’s full discussion in the first hour of Monday’s show:

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