Ted Cruz continues to joke about his Cancun escape as experts warn of future blackouts

US Senator Ted Cruz left freezing Texas for sunshine in Cancun, Mexico, in a deadly winter storm last February that left hundreds dead and millions without electricity. Now, Cruz tries to make a punchline of it.

Cruz joked at least three times about the trip, largely in an attempt to castigate top Democrats for taking a vacation.

His most recent attempt came last week following news that California Governor Gavin Newsom would be spending Thanksgiving vacation in Mexico as the state is under a COVID-19 emergency.

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Cruz joked on Twitter, “Cancun is much nicer than Cabo.”

This joke came just a week after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission published its final report on a disaster that caused a virtual collapse of the state’s electricity grid, leaving 4.5 million Texans without power. At least 210 people have died from hypothermia and carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the report.

Cruz was criticized for the trip to Mexico in February. After a backlash, he cut the trip short and blamed his daughters first. He also said he regretted the vacation, calling it a “mistake”.

But the senator has since been less regrettable. Just days after being caught fleeing the state, Cruz joked about it at the conservative political conference in Orlando, Florida.

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“I have to say Orlando is awesome,” Cruz said during his opening speech at CPAC. “It’s not as good as Cancun – but it’s good.”

In October, Cruz responded to a Republicans tweet that President Joe Biden was going “on vacation” to his home state of Delaware.

“Cancun is beautiful this time of year,” said Cruz.

His joke from last week was in reply to a tweet by Kevin Kiley, California State Assembly Member, reading: “With California in a ‘state of emergency,’ Governor Newsom is on vacation in Mexico for the next week. “

Newsom has extended the COVID-19 state of emergency in California in an effort to prevent a new wave of winter infections. The decree has been in force since March 2020.

Some on Twitter felt that the comparison between the abrupt winter climate emergency and the long and ongoing health crisis was unfair.

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“A guy extended an order that had lasted for 20 months to try to prevent the spread of COVID before the winter months,” wrote one user. “The other guy just gave up his condition and tried to throw his daughters under the bus. See the difference? ”

In a television interview on Friday, Governor Greg Abbott vowed that the state’s electricity grid would be able to withstand the pressures caused by any potential winter storm that arises this year.

The state legislature has passed several bills requiring additional “weatherization” measures for companies that maintain the state’s electricity grid.

But experts have expressed concern that loopholes have allowed some natural gas suppliers to exempt themselves from weatherization requirements, potentially leaving the system still vulnerable, the Express-News reported.

On Monday, the Texas Tribune reported that some power companies fear the state’s power system is not ready for another deep freeze.

As to why Cruz would joke about his departure for Cancún, it was a mystery to some Twitter users, who condemned his attempt at humor.

A Twitter user wrote: “Every time he tweets this stuff, I think of my grandmother who was worried about freezing my aunt / uncle who looked after her by preparing for terrible road conditions, and all the other Texans who are dead because they didn’t have people like that. @tedcruz you’re disgusting.

Another added: “People in Texas are freezing to death. But go ahead, make a joke.

Cruz’s press secretary Dave Vasquez responded to Express-News’s request for comment in an email, but did not explain why the senator joked about his February trip.

“Senator Cruz made it clear from the start that he recognized the tremendous losses and hardships faced by Texans during power grid outages last winter,” Vasquez said. The senator’s top priority is the well-being of Texans across the state – which is why he has worked with officials, as well as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, to ensure that state power plants suffer the ‘wintering and that the electricity network is hardened for future storms. “

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