Texas judge’s wife “felt unsafe” returning home the day before his arrest, records show

The day before San Marcos police arrested a Guadalupe County court judge for child injury, Austin police were called to the airport to document a family disturbance involving him.

Austin’s police report on Judge Bill Squires recently obtained by KSAT 12 Defenders revealed new details about his behavior prior to his arrest on July 8. Squires, who is accused of hitting her baby with the front door as he forced his way. in a house, was arrested on suspicion of injuring a child and endangering a child.

On July 7, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection worker at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport called police about a disruption between Squires and his wife while the couple were in vacation in Mexico.

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Squires’ wife told police they were constantly arguing during their week-long getaway, according to the report. Squires spent the holidays “drinking and smoking marijuana” while being verbally abusive towards her, the woman said.

The judge reportedly threatened to take their son to the United States while leaving his wife behind, she told police.

On the morning of their flight home, Squires hid his wife’s plane ticket and keys from him before giving them to him, she reported.

Squires denied the allegations and accused his wife of lying, but agreed to return home separately from the airport, while his wife left with their child, according to the report.

Although his wife told police that Squires had no physical contact with her at any time during the holidays, she still wanted the disturbance documented, according to the report.

The next day, San Marcos police were called to a house in Stonehaven block 2200 with unrest.

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Inside, officers found Squires’ wife “clearly distressed and frightened” as she held a 16-month-old baby whose eyes were red from crying, the affidavit states.

The woman told officers Squires showed up at the house earlier that night, knocking on the residence’s front door and shouting for her to be allowed in. As the woman went to unlock the door while holding the baby, Squires forced the door to fly. open, hitting the child on the head, states the affidavit. The baby showed no obvious signs of injury, police said.

Squires left the house before the officers arrived, but they eventually found him during a traffic stop.

Squires denied forcing the door open, telling police it “opened” after his wife unlocked the door. Speaking with officers, they noted that “Squires’ breath smelled strongly of alcohol.” He was unsteady on his feet and had several small bottles of alcohol on him, according to his arrest affidavit.

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Squires was arrested and then jailed in Hays County Jail, before being released on bail totaling $ 6,000, records show. His lawyer did not respond to calls for comment on Thursday.

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