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Until now, what was promised as a one-off luxury RV park on Phantom Canyon Road has not been viewed as luxurious by county officials.

The Fremont County Council of Commissioners on Tuesday filed a decision to consider a major amendment to an existing special examination use permit held by Phantom Canyon RV Ranch, located at 505 County Road 67 in Penrose.

The board heard reports from the Fremont County Planning and Zoning Director and Fremont County Building Manager, both of whom expressed concern over homeowners’ non-compliance with their existing SRUs. .

The major modification provides for the addition of 20 additional autonomous travel trailers, the modification of operational characteristics, the installation of an on-site wastewater treatment system, the reduction of the recreation area and the addition of 23 476 square feet of storage space and structures.

Claimants’ representative Dr Angela Bellantoni said the project was first approved unanimously on March 10, 2020, but former planning director Sean Garrett told homeowners in April 2021 to stop all work until they have an approved site plan. That meant they couldn’t apply for a building permit for a public bath, which they had until March 2022 to complete.

The council held a public hearing on April 27, 2021 for its special consideration after violations were reported in the park and was prepared to revoke the SRU because of those violations.

The three violations alleged at the time included putting in place structures that were not approved or indicated on the site plan, operating the SRU without meeting the conditions for approval because the drainage systems were not not installed and garbage, waste and debris placed on site.

Garrett said all violations were corrected the day before that meeting and the company was operating in compliance at that time.

Planning director Mica Simpleman said recent inspections revealed a number of violations, including wrecked and unregistered vehicles on the property, a commercial truck parked in a space that apparently served as a contractor yard , a hose and a transfer tank next to the dump station. , the non-potable tank had collapsed, a mattress was placed under a motorhome, another motorhome did not have its sewer pipes clogged, there was only one dumpster for all the lots , campers had trash around them, there were seven dogs on the property, three different lots had what appeared to be permanent dog enclosures, and one camper had an eviction notice on the gate.

The most recent inspection took place on Monday.

“At that time there were many campers who had been there for over 90 days, this was confirmed by past and current photos,” Simpleman said. “Two campers had items stored under the campers and one had garbage piled up to complete a standard refrigerator. The dump station is surrounded by pipes and the tank was still collapsed. “

Neighboring owner Paul Bond, who also spoke at the Meeting of March 10, 2020, said the majority of RVs have been there for several months and instead of seeing ‘luxury’ and high end RVs he only sees black water and human waste collected camping by camping -car in a small tote, drugs behind a vehicle and thrown into an earthen vault.

“Phantom Canyon RV Park has exceeded its sewage disposal capacity and can now become a state problem,” he said.

“We were originally told this would be a luxury RV park, but we’ve seen photos of the tours over time – there’s nothing I would say luxurious,” said Commission President Debbie Bell. “We were also guaranteed that you would only focus on autonomous RVs – only vehicles 10 years of age or older would be allowed, except in the case of certain rebuilds. “

She said photos show many recreational vehicles are over 10 years old, and in some cases even 30 years old.

She asked co-owner Mitch Slatin to explain why the park doesn’t comply with so many things.

“I am not allowed to take a gun and put it on someone’s head and force them to act – it’s not something that is legal to do – I have procedures what I need to do – eviction proceedings, ”Slatin said. “It’s the best I can do under the law.”

He said the person who had the refrigerator was supposed to be kicked out but ended up going to jail on drug charges. The owners make every effort to have their affairs legally removed from the property.

“We are constantly watched,” Slatin said. “If we were doing something bad or bad, you would have heard about it way before now. “

He said a lot of people have been kicked out and the park is pretty empty.

“We can’t wait to finally be able to move forward and finally be able to build a park,” he said. “That’s the problem – we weren’t allowed to build the park. You allowed us to open on March 10, 2020, but after that, every time we took a step to build the park, we were told to stop. For two years we were told to do nothing. Let’s build a park. Let us build it right, and we’ll give you the product we promised.

The council is expected to render a decision on February 8.

Also during the meeting, the board of directors:

  • Named Bell as chair of the board for 2022 and commissioner Kevin Grantham as interim chair.
  • Approved a special examination use permit for Echoland for eight glamping structures and one 16.16 acre rental home located at 45120 WUS 50.

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