The pandemic is creating new trends in residential construction

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Homebuilders in the Kansas City, Missouri area are seeing increased demand for office and outdoor space as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bruce Rieke from BL Rieke Custom Homes these clients often work from home and want a dedicated space to work. In some cases, clients use their home office space as a classroom for virtual learning or home schooling.

Outdoor spaces like covered terraces or patios with comfortable furniture, fireplaces and TVs are growing in popularity as families feel safer to gather and be entertained outdoors during the pandemic due to evidence that the virus is less likely to spread outdoors.

Rieke said these outdoor spaces should look like an extension of the house.

“Outdoor spaces are very important, but they want you to feel good there because they’re going to be there for a while,” he explained. “It’s like going to your vacation home, a bit like going to your resort.

You can see the new trends in home building at the Kansas City Home Builders Association’s Greater Kansas City Fall Parade 2021, which runs until October 3. The annual event highlights 200 newly built homes in the area. It allows visitors to visit each house for free and see what is possible in the construction of houses.

“You learn from your customers what the trends are,” said Rieke. “We try to follow trends by reading and watching different things, and of course the internet helps too. We always try to stay on top of what’s to come.

Rieke admitted that building during the pandemic comes with its own challenges. Labor and material shortages mean Rieke faces the longest delays in his 30-plus-year career. During this time, demand has not slowed down. The Timber Rock development he is building in Lenexa, Kansas continued to sell plots throughout the pandemic.

His advice to someone building a house right now is to be patient, write questions for your builder, demand transparency from the builder, and pay close attention to what your builder sets aside in “allowances” for rugs, tiles, accessories and other features. in their estimate. He said costs often exceed estimates because these allowances are set too low.

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