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If you have a tip about a crime, call the Sartell Police Department at 320-251-8186 or Tri-County Crime Stoppers at 320-255-1301, or go to their information site at Crime Stoppers offers rewards of up to $ 1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for a crime.

August 10

9:31 p.m. Vol. Seventh Street N. An officer was asked to respond to a complaint about the theft of personal items from his laundry load in a common area of ​​an apartment building. The complainant reported that she and her daughter’s laundry had been reviewed and some items were removed from the laundry while others were left in the dryer. She also explained that they took out about $ 60 to $ 70 worth of items. There are no cameras in the building, but the exterior doors are secure, so it was likely a person living in the building. The complainant was going to speak to the management of the installation of cameras.

August 11

1:52 p.m. Help for businesses. CR 120. Business assistance. An agent was asked to help the company remove an RV from their property, and the owner did not cooperate. When the officer arrived at the scene, the owner of the motorhome started insulting them. The company asked All Care Towing to remove the RV. The owner told the agent he was sick, trying to fix his motorhome and had been there for over a week. The officer told the owner to leave, or the RV was being hooked up for towing. Before All Care could connect to the motorhome, the owner started the motorhome. The owner was advised not to return, or he would be arrested for trespassing. The owner then drove the motorhome off the lot.

12 august

00:23 Agency assistance. Bridge of Hope. An officer was asked to assist a Stearns County deputy as their K-9 sniffed the vehicle. The officer assisted with the officers’ safety precautions and was cleared shortly after the K-9 did its job.

Aug 13

4:40 p.m. Property found. Riverside Avenue S. An agent was asked to answer the river just behind the Family Dollar store. When the officers arrived, they walked out onto the rocks to the complainant. The complainant showed the officers that they had found a long gun. The officer recovered the lower half of a shotgun. Officers attempted to locate serial numbers on the part, but could not find any sufficiently legible to read.

August 14th

06:56 am Wake up. Second Street S. Dispatch informed Sartell agents of a building alarm at a company. When the officer arrived and began to check the doors, it was found that all exterior doors were secure. As the officer arrived in the back, he was greeted by an employee who informed him that he had entered the wrong code. The correct code was entered and silenced the alarm.

August 15th

3:59 p.m. Traffic stops. CR 120. While an officer was on a routine patrol, he saw a man on a bicycle slip into and out of traffic. The biker route headed towards the center line as the officer passed and nearly collided with the rear of the squad. The officer attempted to stop the cyclist, but he did not stop. After a short chase with lights and sirens, the officer managed to stop the cyclist. The man immediately started yelling at the officer and did not follow the officer’s orders. The officer called for help and a Waite Park police officer arrived at the scene shortly after. While attempting to detain the man, a fight ensued and the man continued to not cooperate. The St. Cloud Police Department has arrived for more backup. The man was placed in WRAP restraint for his safety and that of the officers. The man was taken to Stearns County Jail and jailed on several counts.

August 16

10:25 am Disorder .Riverside Avenue S. Officers were dispatched to a screaming shirtless man in their bathroom. When officers arrived at the scene, they knew the man from previous calls. Officers were told the man had been mass-sprayed with bears by an unknown man at another location in the county. Officers asked Mayo Ambulance to respond and gave the man permission to continue washing the bear mass from his face and body. Upon arrival of Mayo Ambulance, the man was transported to St. Cloud Hospital.

August 17

9:41 am Assault. First Avenue N. An officer was asked to respond to a company for an assault that had occurred the night before. The complainant wanted to ensure that the police were informed of a situation that had occurred on their property. The night before, a customer was leaving the store and a hot dog was thrown at him. The complainant was able to give the police a description of the vehicle but no license plate. The incident had been reported the day before.

August 18

2:56 p.m. Agency assistance. Alley in the Oaks River. A Sartell officer has been asked to assist a Stearns County deputy in serving an eviction notice. The owner and residents have been given 24 hours notice to vacate the property. They were told the county would close the windows and doors at that time. If they were still on the property, they would be kidnapped or arrested.

August 19

4:00 p.m. Stolen vehicle. Roberts Road. An officer was dispatched on a complaint about a stolen vehicle from an apartment parking lot. The complainant said he still had the keys and the doors were locked on the vehicle. The complainant showed the officer where the vehicle had been parked. The officer noticed that the vehicle had been dragged out of the parking space because there was rubber remaining on the tar. The agent responded to the management office where he was able to view the video. At approximately 9:32 a.m., a white tow truck entered the parking lot and towed the vehicle. The cameras captured the name of the towing company AWR Enterprises. The agent called the company in Otsego, Minnesota. The company said it was hired to pick up the vehicle and if the owner wanted to collect his belongings to give him a call but to collect the vehicle he would need to speak. to their bank.

20 August

5:41 p.m. domestic. Sunset Avenue. As a police officer responded to another call, it was reported by a man who said his girlfriend’s mother was assaulted by her boyfriend. The officer spoke to the man’s girlfriend and she told the officer her mother was slapped and strangled by her boyfriend who had since been gone. The officer contacted the victim and she told the officer she was not speaking to her and yelled at her daughter for saying anything. The officer told them to call if they needed to report anything in the future.

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