The Summer I Got Pretty: Belly’s Love Triangle Complicates Her Summer Vacation

The author, “To All the Boys I Loved Before” comes with a new teen romance drama, “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” If you belong to the northern hemisphere, their summer is like a blessing for you. This summer, you will have an idea to enjoy it with your loves once through this series.

This teen romance drama series reveals long walks on the beach, summer nights, cold drinks, and also hopes it can be anything. People from the south may not be so lucky as winter has gone well and settled in its own way.

Now, let’s imagine that you were always considered a little sister by one of your lovers, what would you do after they started “seeing” you for the first time? In The Summer I Turned Pretty, author Jenny Han’s best-selling book series reveals a Bely character who goes through exactly this situation firsthand. What would you do if you found yourself in a love triangle between two of your own brothers? With the cool summer breeze, the walks to buy ice cream, the life of the memories and all the rest, it is true that coming home in the summer makes Belly’s summer really complicated.


It seems that following the hope of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, it’s a film trilogy adapted from such books that first aired on Netflix in 2018, The Summer I Turned Pretty has the potential to become the next popular coming-of-age show.

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The Summer I Became Pretty: Plot

The story revolves around Belly and her family who have joined their family friends at the vacation home every summer for as long as she can remember. She is growing up now and becoming a beautiful teenager, and everything has just changed. As Belly enters as a young woman, the boys around her, who are still used to thinking of her as a little sister, begin to see her from a different perspective. In this series, I go beyond just a romantic teen drama series.

The story is definitely very nostalgic and can connect many people who have their own teenage romance. The story will erase a lot of mature themes which we won’t reveal as a spoiler but it will literally help the teenager make some decisions but if the whole story follows the book series then prepare a box of tissues with you.

As this series was adapted for the book series of the same name. For people who already know the first book for them, Belly’s childhood flashbacks may intersect with their idea. It is important that the story base be aware of the stories of these characters.

The Summer I Became Pretty: Trailer

Amazon Prime Video has already released a trailer that is very exciting but does not reveal more secrets. We just learn that there is a love triangle between a sister and two brothers, there is also a love triangle, a beach party gone wrong, a fight, a heartbreak and certainly a lot of fun.

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The Summer I Became Pretty: Cast

The series stars Lola Tung as Belly, a nineteen-year-old teenager, and this is her first major role debut. Unlike Lola, there’s one of her love interests Christopher Briney who will be playing Conrad’s character.

Briney will also star in the latest film, Dali Land, a film about the eccentric life of popular artist Salvador Dali. Briney will play with Ben Kingsley, Barbara Sukowa and Ezra Miller. We forgot to take a more notable name Gavin Casalegno who will appear as Conrad’s younger brother, Jeremiah. Young people are already making a name for themselves, with them there are Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Conelly, Emma Wayson and Douglas Booth in this 2014 film, Noah.

In this series, we will also see David Lacano as Cam, the New York-based actor featured in Grand Army and The Flight Attendant. There are also other cast members like Rachel Blanchard as Susannah, Jackie Chung as Laurel, Sean Kaufman as Steven, Minnie Mills as Shayla, Alfredo Narciso as Cleaveland, Summer Madison as Ni9cole, Rain Spencer as Taylor and Tom Everett Scott like Adam. Fisherman.

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The Summer I Became Pretty: Release Date

Jenny Han has signed the full deal with Amazon for the series which will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video on the 17the June 2022. The Summer I Turned Pretty will be presented as a series that we can only assume to release, not every week.

Here is the trailer:

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