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Have you ever wished you could step into the pages of a “Harry Potter” book and live in the wizarding world? If so, we have the perfect vacation destination for you!

Introducing one of Airbnb’s newest rentals, an unassuming tent nestled in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina. When you first approach it, it looks like an ordinary old tent, but step inside and you’ll find it’s anything but ordinary.

For starters, there’s a massive 12-foot purple slide that takes you into an underground living space that’s truly stranger than fiction.

Harry Potter fans may recall that the characters from “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” stay in tents when attending the Quidditch World Cup. Wizard tents look small on the outside, but inside they are as big as a house. Thanks to Mike and Caroline Parrish and their vacation rental company Treehouses of Serenity, you can now also sleep in a wizard’s tent.

“Alchemy” is the newest addition to the Treehouses of Serenity treehouse community. They’ve been building creative, custom treehouses and other whimsical rentals since 2016, after being inspired by an episode of “Treehouse Masters.”

So far, they’ve built seven properties, including ‘The Perch’, an elevated treehouse and ‘Wizard’s Hollow’. All of these structures are incredibly popular rentals on Airbnb. In 2021, the couple were browsing Pinterest when they saw photos of an underground bunker, inspiring their next idea for a tent that leads to an underground house worthy of a wizard.

“We thought, how cool would it be to have a tent there and people stop and think, what’s going on here?” Mike said. “And then they go into the tent and find the slide.”

“Alchemy” is built into the side of a hill, so there’s plenty of light and a view of the mountains even though it’s technically underground.

The property took six months to build and cost around $300,000. It is fully equipped with all the comforts of home, including a full kitchen and bathroom and a bedroom for four people to sleep comfortably. There is also heating, air conditioning and a side entrance for those who do not want to enter via the slide.

When it comes to decorating, Caroline prides herself on creating whimsical spaces using largely thrifty materials. In order to keep the impression of a tent, she draped the walls with a colored canvas reminiscent of a circus tent.

“Keeping in mind that the interior should look like a tent,” Caroline said. “We definitely didn’t want to use Sheetrock walls. I bought yards and yards of fabric to put on the walls.

Outside, guests can step into “Enchantment,” a separate tent designed to be an outdoor living space for roasting marshmallows and admiring the stunning mountain views.

“Alchemy” opened on Airbnb in February 2022 for a rate of $396 per night. So far it has been a huge hit with guests.

“If you are looking for a memorable experience, this is perfect. » wrote a recent guest named Courtney. “Our kids will be talking about the tent house with the slide for years.”

Okay, who else is packing for Asheville right now? We would stay in this unique and creative tent in a heartbeat!

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