Thousands of people ring in the New Year on ATVs in Florence County

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – For many, New Years Eve means going out on the town or having a house party. For some, however, that means a chance to get dirty in fresh mud.

River Neck Acres ATV Park holds its annual “New Years Eve Party” Friday through Sunday. Campsites and cabins filled with RVs with four-wheeled vehicles lined up at the gates.

“At the moment, I would say we’re halfway there,” said Gary Thomas, property manager at River Neck Acres. “Tomorrow it will be between 3,000 and 4,000 people. “

Thomas said New Years weekend is one of the busiest weekends in the park all year round. Thanks to the recent rains, the park offered ideal driving conditions for off-roaders.

“Mud, a lot of mud,” Thomas said. “That’s what they want, and they’ll come in the rain too.”

A fireworks display was scheduled for Friday evening and local bands were scheduled to take the stage on Saturday. For many campers, these events took a step back from the mud.

“Do you know what’s fun?” It’s fun to go horseback riding, that’s it, ”said Case Lane.

“And to get muddy,” added his sister, Huntley Lane.

The Lane family were unaware there was a special event when they showed up at the camp. They said they just wanted to spend time together as a family.

“Dad works out of town, so we’re taking advantage of the last time we have before they go back to school,” Santanna Lane said.

A pair of off-roaders said riding their ATVs was the best way they could think of to ring in the New Year. They said they couldn’t wait to equip their four-wheelers with lights for Friday night’s nighttime ride.

“Everyone lights up side by side,” said Dylan Philips.

“Everyone sends it together,” Royce Buck said.

Thomas said that for many campers this has become an annual tradition. He said one of the main draws to the park this weekend was safety, as participants camping there didn’t have to worry about carpools or designated drivers after the New Years festivities.

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