Today’s Best OBX Stories in 2021: Big Fish, Big Fire, Big Storm, Tragic Accidents, New Records

A vehicle wades through the water crossing NC 12 at the Cape Hatteras Motel in Buxton. [Orville Scarborough/Island Free Press photo]

A big fish, a big fire, a big storm, tragic accidents and new records have been some of the best stories of 2021 on the Outer Banks. As the year draws to a close, we take a look at the top news and features we’ve released on

Today we take a look back at our most read stories:

In early November, the northeast hammers the beaches and floods NC 12 on Hatteras Island

Aerial view of North Buxton on November 8, 2021. [Matthew Coats/Island Free Press photo]

A northeast during the second weekend in November caused several periods of ocean overflow, particularly along northern Hatteras Island. NC 12 was closed to traffic for almost three days. The storm’s peak tide was the fourth highest on record at the Army Corps of Engineers Pier in Duck. A total of 51 properties on Hatteras Island were affected by the storm, mostly exposed or damaged septic systems and minor damage from the surges. The Rodanthe jetty had a partially collapsed section on 2/3 of the exit.

Ohio, seven, dies in elevator accident at Outer Banks rental home

The child died in an accident involving an elevator at a vacation home in Corolla in July. The United States Product Safety Commission has issued a rare recommendation for rental companies and property owners to turn off certain types of elevators until changes can be made to the equipment.

Despite COVID, record number of visits means booming business; The people of the Outer Banks, patience stretched to the limit

The Outer Banks have had one of the busiest years in their history, as already evidenced by a new visitation record already set at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, and new high marks for occupancy and collection of taxes on the seashore. food and drink. But it has also at times forced an already lean workforce to breaking point. Even the NC Ferry division has faced cancellations due to labor shortages. The lack of employees has at times been made worse by COVID-19 in almost every type of business on the beach.

Fake news: No megatsunami heading east coast after Canary Islands volcano eruption

False and misleading social media posts about a megatsunami possibly hitting the east coast emerged in September after a volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands.

VIDEO: Great white shark circles charter boat in the Outer Banks

A great white shark tours Captain Aaron Kelly’s Rock Solid on December 1, 2021. [courtesy]

Yes, we know there are sharks in the ocean. Large. Really big! You have a good chance of seeing one when fishing on an Outer Banks charter boat, and getting a video is an added bonus. But the one with “Jaws” proportions isn’t something you spot every day. That’s exactly what Rock Solid Fishing Captain Aaron Kelly did on December 1 with a fishing trip at the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center on his 35ft center console. This story originally appeared on Read more local stories here.

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