What could happen with Dothan’s Airbnbs and VRBOs?

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) – The City of Dothan is taking a stance on short-term vacation rentals like VRBOs and Airbnbs.

According to Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper, Dothan is set to create an ordinance and regulate the 80 to 100 short-term rentals that are in Circle City. The issues the city and many residents have with these rentals are that they do not add to the lodging tax and have major effects on surrounding properties.

Regulations will require VRBOs (vacation rentals by owner) or Airbnbs to have a minimum distance between short-term rentals in a neighborhood. The ordinance will also require parking and occupancy maximums, which would be two people per room.

“One, to protect existing neighborhoods, two, to promote business opportunities, three to collect lodging taxes on those uses,” Cowper said.

Currently, additional research is underway. The commission is also looking at different options and hoping to get community feedback to lead a final discussion.

Cowper says the commission could have an official order in just a few months.

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