Where to go and what to do

From pristine coastlines to breathtaking scenery and enticing culture, it’s no surprise that Saint Lucia is a highly sought-after destination. Whether they want to spend time at the beach, explore places or participate in outdoor activities, vacationers have more than enough to keep busy.

Choosing where and what to see in two days could confuse more than one. Here’s how travelers can make the most of their 48 hours in this piece of paradise.

Where to go and what to do in Saint Lucia – Day One

Being among the captivating islands, it has several charming sites to visit, such as Marigot Bay. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a loved one, this unique port promises a fun-filled day for everyone. But how can tourists make good use of the limited time and have the time of their lives? Here are the best places and things to do on day one.


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Visit the seductive Pitons

A trip to Saint Lucia is not complete without visiting one of the most attractive places on the island, the Pitons. The two majestic volcanic cones are selected as World Heritage Sites. Nature lovers with energy to spare can hike Gros Piton and snap Instagram-worthy selfies from the top. Petit Piton, on the other hand, is short and steep, intended only for daring climbers. Considering it takes around four to six hours to reach the summit, climbers can be sure to break a sweat. The breathtaking view from the top is worth it.

Alternatively, tourists can enjoy the magnificent view from this impressive shelter on a boat cruise to Piton Bay.

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Visit the sulfur springs

What better way to relax than to visit one of the dynamic geothermal areas, the Sulfur Springs. Prominent as the only drive-in volcano in the Caribbean, guests can learn how volcanic action created the Caribbean Basin from tour guides. Moreover, travelers can relax in the refreshing springs. Taking a mud bath and savoring the scenic backdrop of the Pitons is another perfect way to spend time here.

Tourists can end their day by interacting with villagers at Zion Lion Farm. This sensational spot is an eco-preserve serving up some of the island’s many savory treats. As well as understanding their tantalizing culinary history, foodies are sure to leave the place with full and satisfied bellies.

Where to go and what to do in Saint Lucia – Day 2

After a tedious first day, vacationers can spend their last day in this utopia lazing on the beach and shopping for souvenirs, among other activities. Here are the most peaceful places and activities to keep busy and have a delightful day.

Visit beautiful Rodney Bay

The remarkable Rodney Bay is effortlessly one of St. Lucia’s most attractive bays. From exciting resorts, cute restaurants and shops to vibrant nightlife, travelers are sure to have a great time. Beachgoers can kick back and soak up the stunning views of Pigeon Island National Park, just across the beach. On the other hand, thrill seekers can participate in water sports such as snorkeling and water skiing.

With dinners around, travelers can enjoy the tasty local dishes. Plus, visiting the shops to buy gifts for loved ones is another way to pass the time in this breathtaking place.

Visit the village of Gros Islet

One of the best ways to understand a country’s history and culture is to interact with the locals. By taking boat rides from Rodney Bay, travelers can cruise to this charming village. From fishing sharks to rum shops blazing down the avenues, Gros Islet is the perfect place for history buffs to understand the culture of this sanctuary.

Alternatively, tourists can head to the enchanting Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens. It has three prime attractions: a glorious waterfall, a rejuvenating mineral hot spring, and incredible gardens. Here, guests can spot cacao, red cedars, and orchids, among other things. Educational exhibits on vegetables such as soursop and christophine can be seen here.

After a long and delicious day, guests can return to exquisite Rodney Bay for an energetic night. From dancing in the dark to Caribbean music to savoring the street vendors’ savory dishes, guests will leave this wonderland with unforgettable memories.


Most travelers do not know where to spend their nights during their trip. However, Saint Lucia has accommodation facilities that will make visitors feel at home. From stylish adults-only resorts like Calabash Cove, a perfect spot for lovers, to family-friendly resorts like Bay Gardens and Sugar Beach, vacationers are spoiled for choice. This heavenly hideaway is home to many other hotels, villas and resorts. Depending on their preferences, tourists can choose between basic and luxury.

  • Prices: From AED 113 / $41 per person per night

Whichever region vacationers decide to go and spend their time, one thing is for sure, a good time. Although two days may not seem like enough time to explore everything in this exquisite idyll, guests will leave this enchanting island feeling rejuvenated, content and with vivid memories.

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