Why the South Sydney Rabbitohs had to abandon Camp Latrell

“Latrell was looking forward to all of us staying, but he was fine. “

Aside from Burgess and the players who traveled in his car, the rest of the Souths team and staff were free to return to normal lives once they returned a second COVID-19 test negative on Tuesday.

Souths has already purchased up to two weeks of rapid antigen testing for returning players to training in the New Year. They will also be required to return negative test results twice before reporting for work.

NRL chief executive Andrew Abdo told the Herald last week on the $ 2 million plan to test players before every training session and game next year, with a focus on prevention in the fight against COVID.

Some in Souths remain frustrated with the NRL after urgent calls and messages to officials went unanswered Friday night.

Demetriou said the trip to Mitchell’s farm had many benefits, including the chance to see a different side of the club’s superstar in the laid-back country environment he has always felt most comfortable in. . During their short time up north, Souths announced Cameron Murray would be their new skipper.


“It was a place where we could get away and camp, but also a special place for one of our players,” said Demetriou. “It was a great opportunity not only to see another side of Latrell that most of us don’t see, but also for our young players to see what your career can do for you if you do the right things. [with your money].

“It was more about spending time together. We have new players, new staff, and our last group wasn’t back until last Friday. It was all about getting to know each other and spending time together, so when we get back on January 5th we are all comfortable with each other.

“I didn’t like traditional military camps. They certainly have value, but we’ve been doing them for the last few years, and we didn’t need any external motivation – we want it to come from within our own four walls.

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